Children, Obey and Honor

Date: PM
Text: Ephesians 6:1-3
Psalters: 265, 187, 322, 90
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. The participants are children and parents (father and mother).
    1. Our text implies that the children members of the Ephesian church are among the ?saints? (1:1).
    2. Parents (father and mother) are those whom the Lord uses to rule believing children.
      1. Children did not chose their parents, the Lord did.
      2. Both parents are mentioned because honor is due to both, for the Lord?s sake.
  2. God uses admonitions as a means to give grace to His people (Canons III,IV-17; V-14).
    1. First, children are to ?honor their father and mother? (2).
      1. This speaks of the respect children are to have for their parents.
      2. ?Honor? is an internal attitude or disposition of reverence, to value or esteem highly someone or something.
    2. Second, children are to ?obey your parents? (1), i.e., to ?listen? or ?hearken.?
      1. Behind right obedience are ears which focus or pay attention to the words of their parents.
      2. The clear implication is that children are to do exactly what their parents tell them when they tell them.
    3. Obedience/listening is to be ?in the Lord,? i.e., in the sphere of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Why are children to obey and honor their parents?
    1. First, it is ?right,? i.e., obedience and reverence are righteous deeds and attitudes.
    2. Second, this ?the first commandment with promise.?
    3. Reminder that it is only in the consciousness of ?the Lord? that believing children can and will obey and honor their parents.