Faith In Christ the King

Date: AM
Text: Revelation 1; Lord's Day 12
Psalters: 124, 331, 58, 194
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2013-15)
  1. The concept.
    1. God created Adam as the first king of the earthly creation, "have dominion" (Gen. 1:28).
    2. The fall into sin changed man's ability to function in this office.
      1. Man remained king of creation, but now under Satan, selfishly using creation for himself and his pleasures.
      2. The result of the fall is that when man became king under Satan, then the devil became the prince of this world.
  2. The Anointed One came as THE King.
      1. God promised to redeem this kingship in the Old Testament scriptures: Genesis 49:10; Numbers 24:17; II Samuel 7:16; Psalms 45, 72, 110; Isaiah 9:7; Daniel 7:13,14.
    1. The Christ began His kingship by fighting and defeating the powers of darkness.
      1. It is a spiritual battle, not physical or earthly for earthly land or an earthly throne in Jerusalem.
      2. For this spiritual battle, the King came meekly (Matt. 21:5), with the weapon of obedience to and love for God.
      3. He is the mighty Conqueror, the Lord strong and mighty, the King of kings (Isa. 55:3,4; Acts 5:31; I Cor. 15:25).
    2. In heaven Christ continues as our King, but with all power in heaven and on earth.
      1. He governs His people by His Word and Spirit, with the power of grace, not the power of the sword.
      2. He defends and preserves His own in their salvation.
  3. The office of king is manifest in office of elder.
      1. In the Old Disp. the kings of Israel and Judah ruled in a theocracy under God and in God's name, and as types of Christ.
      2. The good kings ruled in the hope of the Mighty King, Whose rule and dominion would be perfect.
    1. In the New Dispensation this office is in the elders.
      1. Good elders rule over God's people on behalf of Christ; evidence that Christ is with us.
      2. They seek to preserve them in the truth, through the rod of discipline.
  4. Those who are in Christ are partakers of His anointing and thus are kings.
    1. In this life we fight against sin and Satan.
      1. First, we manfully fight against sin and Satan.
      2. We can fight with a free and good conscience because sin no longer has the right to rule us.
      3. We fight with faith in Christ's perfect obedience, with the weapon of obedience.
    2. And afterwards we will reign with Him in eternity.
      1. There is a sense in which this reign begins now.
      2. We will presently reign in glory with Christ over all things forever.