Grace Protestant Reformed Church

We Have Peace With God

Date: PM
Text: Romans 5:1
Psalters: 220, 101, 231, 7
Applicatory to the Lord's Supper
  1. What it means.
    1. Peace with God is an inner quietness of heart and mind as one stands face to face with God.
    2. We always stand face to face with God because of His revelation.
      1. In His creation He reveals Himself and we see His Godhead and eternal power (Rom. 1:20).
      2. In God’s Word, we face Him.
    3. Peace with God when standing face to face with Him is the confidence that He will judge us to be righteous before Him, and thus He will bless us with boundless goodness.
  2. How is peace with God possible?
    1. All who seek to stand before God on the basis of their own works find no peace with God.
      1. Paul is teaching that there is no profit in circumcision and that there is none that doeth good, no not one (Rom. 3:1,10).
      2. Martin Luther saw that all his works and efforts would not make him right with God.
    2. Because God can only have peace with those who are righteous (not with the wicked), peace is possible only for those who are justified, i.e., those declared to be righteous by God so they stand according to God to be in harmony with His holy being.
  3. We know that we are justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ, not by works (Rom. 3:28).
    1. Faith is God’s gift to His people which connects us spiritually to Jesus (Rom. 4:11,16).
    2. We are justified, not by works, but by faith alone. And then we have sweet and abiding peace with God.
    3. Peace is experienced by faith in Jesus.
      1. Faith knows the eternally sure relationship God has established with me.
      2. Faith knows how to answer the accusations of the conscience and of the devil.
      3. Peace, perfect peace!