Worshipping God with a Perfect Heart

Date: AM
Text: Luke 12:13-31
Psalters: 298; 325; 163; 336

A. God’s commandments are very broad/deep (Psalm 119:96). The 10 th Commandment emphasizes that
B. What we have here is a commandment that distinguishes the child of God from the unbeliever.

“Worshipping God with a Perfect Heart”

I. The Required Perfection (Q&A 113):
A. What is required in this 10 th Commandment?
1. First, do not covet anything that belongs to your neighbors.

2. Second, sinful coveting includes all desiring and longing for those things which are outside of God,
and which are apart from God.

3. Third, to get at the heart of it, this commandment requires perfect contentment in God (which is
the opposite of coveting).

B. A couple very personal, pointed questions:
1. “What do you want in life?”

2. “Am I hating sin with my whole heart?” Another way of putting it: “Am I delighting in all

II. Two Important Considerations (Q&A 114):
A. On the one hand, we have only a small beginning of the new obedience; on the other hand, yet so,
with a sincere resolution we begin to live according to all the commandments of God.

B. This means two things:

III. The Helpful Preaching (Q&A 115):
A. The strict preaching of the law helps us to remember where we must find our righteousness (in Christ
alone), and where we must look for help (the Lord), and what we must look forward to (glory!).
B. May the Lord use the strict preaching of the law in these ways!