A Heart Broken by Reproach

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 69:20
Psalters: 47; 184; 185; 187

A. Here in Psalm 69, we have an inside look of Jesus’ thoughts as He endured the great sufferings that
brought Him to the cross.
B. As we get closer to Good Friday, we want to look at what this passage reveals about Jesus’ heart.

Glimpses into the Heart of Jesus (10)
“A Heart Broken by Reproach”

I. The Heart-Breaking Reproaches:
A. The reproaches themselves:
1. What are “reproaches”?
2. When you look at Jesus, you see that His entire life was defined by reproach. He was reproached
when it came to His teachings, His works, and His person.

3. When you get closer to the end of His life, the reproaches seem to come to a crescendo.

B. These reproaches broke the heart of Jesus.
1. He felt the loneliness, the grief, the overwhelming sorrow of being hated, rejected, despised,
mocked, and shamed. All these reproaches were an attack on His person.

2. But also: all these reproaches were, in a real way, from God Himself.

C. Let us remember: all these reproaches were the reproaches we heaped upon Jesus.

II. The Two-Fold Reason:
A. Jesus suffered these reproaches because He is God Himself (see esp. verse 9).

B. Jesus also suffered these reproaches because he was bearing our reproach (what we deserved).

III. The Great Comfort:
A. First, we have a Savior who understands what it is to have a broken heart – and a heart broken by

B. Second, remember, Jesus took our shame upon Himself!