A Heart that Cares for the Spiritually Struggling

Date: PM
Text: Luke 7:18-23

A. There are some here tonight who are spiritually struggling.
B. Jesus is one who cares, who is tender, and patient.

(Glimpses Into the Heart of Jesus (13))
“A Heart that Cares for the Spiritually Struggling”

I. John’s Doubts:
A. “Go your way and tell John what things ye have seen and heard….” John the Baptist was struggling.
1. That is, from one point of view, shocking. Just remember who John the Baptist was.

2. Fact is, there are many great heroes of faith who struggled spiritually.

B. Why was John the Baptist struggling?
1. First, consider this:

2. Second, look at the passage itself (verse 18): John is confused about what he is supposed to be
looking for.

C. Aren’t these the same kind of struggles we face in our own spiritual lives?
1. We have our tragedies, and we have our expectations of how things should go.

2. The temptation is to become offended.

II. Jesus’ Answer:
A. Jesus continues to perform miracles…. And instructs the disciples to go tell John what they have seen
and heard. What’s the point?

B. This is the answer we so often need, too.

C. Blessed – happy – is he whosoever shall not be offended in Jesus.