Grace Protestant Reformed Church

He Sits At The Right Hand of God

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 24; Lord's Day 19
Psalters: 60, 215, 58, 199
  1. The position.
    1. This is a figurative expression, describing a position of authority and power.
    2. Jesus Christ, according to His human nature, is given this position.
    3. The purpose of our Savior?s exaltation to this position.
      1. This position enables Jesus to complete His work of salvation.
      2. Ultimately, it is so Jesus might subject all things to the Father, so God is all in all (I Cor. 15:27,28).
  2. The reign of Christ at God?s right hand is universal, ?all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth? (Matt. 28:20).
    1. It is an unlimited power.
    2. It is executive authority and power, i.e., the power to rule, to carry out God?s council.
    3. Jesus rules as the Head of the church.
    4. And He rules as King over His kingdom.
  3. The blessings of Christ?s reign at God?s right hand.
    1. The rule of our Savior and Lord assures us of the unceasing flow of His blessings.
    2. In His sovereign rule He defends and preserves us against all enemies.
    3. By His Holy Spirit He pours out heavenly graces on us His members.
    4. We exercise our position of victors.