Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 9:6,7
Psalters: 353, 82, 261, 198
  1. Who He is.
    1. The context is “trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish” (Isaiah 8:22).
    2. By speaking of the Messiah as a “child” and “son” we have a reference to the virgin’s son of Isaiah 7:14.
      1. The use of this language emphasizes the humanity of the Messiah.
      2. Notice too that the Messiah child is “given” and “born.”
      3. Though the fulfillment of this prophecy is many years away, the text speaks as if He was already given.
  2. The promised Messiah would found a kingdom.
    1. It is a continuation of the glorious kingdom of David (“the throne of David”).
    2. The emphasis of the text speaks of the kind of kingdom it is: one of peace, justice and judgment.
    3. The person of the Messiah is further described in glorious names (not hyperbole for a great earthly king).
      1. “Wonderful Counsellor,” is a counselor who is a wonder.
      2. “Might God” The Messiah is divine and thus able to destroy all the kingdoms of this world.
      3. “Everlasting Father” with all the tender love toward the citizens of His rule.
      4. “Prince of Peace” again emphasizing His glorious royalty.
  3. The guarantee of fulfillment: “the zeal of Jehovah of hosts will perform this.”
    1. Consider the two facts presented: “Jehovah of hosts” and His “zeal.”
    2. Under God’s rule and because of His desire for the glory of His name, His every purpose is fulfilled.
    3. Our joy at Christmas is not yet full, for we still grieve over our sin and the wickedness of this world.