Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Baptized Into Christ's Death and Resurrection

Date: PM
Text: Romans 6:3,4
Psalters: 238, 49, 356, 163
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. Real baptism speaks of a most intimate union with Christ.
    1. Romans 5 speaks of the two unions in the human race: with Adam and with Christ.
    2. In our text Paul describes union with Christ as being baptized into Jesus Christ.
    3. Our real baptism is into Jesus Himself.
      1. We are complete in Him (Col. 2:10; I Cor. 1:30).
      2. To be in Christ means that whatever is true of Him is true of those in Him.
  2. Union with Jesus means that two things are true of those in Him.
    1. First, we are joined with Him into His death.
      1. Jesus (the Savior) died which was a death unto sin (Romans 6:10).
      2. This is confirmed by saying that we are buried with Him (Romans 6:4).
      3. In dying with Jesus, death (and sin) no longer reigns over us.
    2. Second, we are joined with Him in His resurrection.
      1. Christ's resurrection meant that the reign and power of sin and death were completely conquered.
      2. His resurrection was by means of the glory of the Father.
      3. As Christ was..., even so we also.
  3. These wonderful spiritual realities are not for all, but for those in union with Jesus.
    1. So many of us as were baptized into Jesus is something different from as many as were baptized with water.
    2. Know ye not implies that the knowledge of this union with Christ ought to be common knowledge.
    3. We must and are able to walk in newness of life.