Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Proof That God's Covenant Is Sure

Date: AM
Text: Isaiah 55:4,5
Psalters: 114, 81, 403, 191
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
  1. In what God has done.
    1. God has and will maintain His covenant, especially as it was conveyed to David (Isaiah 55:3).
    2. God assures that His promises are sure and His covenant is everlasting – for He has given a “witness” and “commander.”
      1. First, God had given David as King to be a witness and a commander.
      2. That David had been “given” indicates that David was a gift of God’s grace, flowing from His love for His people.
    3. Second, this promise points ahead to David’s great Son, the promised Messiah (Luke 1:32,33; Acts 13:34).
      1. Christ is a witness to sinners (Malachi 3:5) and on behalf of the truth (John 18:37).
      2. As their witness/commander He also gives them commands and precepts.
  2. The second “Behold” declares that in the future God will show the continuing nature of His sure covenant.
    1. “Nation” and “nations” refers to the non-Jews Gentiles.
      1. God declares that Israel will be restored, but not to her former dignity as in David and Solomon.
      2. Such was something “that thou knowest not.”
    2. But now, because of Israel’s Leader and Commander, the Gentiles will “run” to be with Israel.
      1. Their Leader and Commander will “call.”
      2. As a result of His call, the nations will come running.
    3. The compelling force in such a marvelous gathering is “because of Jehovah thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel.”
    4. God will display the continuance of His covenant by displaying the breadth of the saving power of the Savior.