Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Christ's Presence In His Supper

Date: AM
Text: John 6; Lord's Day 29
Psalters: 234, 331, 109, 317
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2012-13)
  1. Incorrectly.
    1. The church of Rome believes that Christ is physically present in the elements (transubstantiation).
    2. Martin Luther taught consubstantiation, i.e., that Christ is present by being “in, with, and under” the elements.
  2. The biblical and Reformed position.
    1. The real and right eating and drinking in the Lord’s Supper is spiritual.
      1. The physical activity of receiving nourishment is a picture of our spiritually receiving spiritual nourishment.
      2. The spiritual mouth of the soul is faith by which believers eat and drink.
    2. Jesus is really present in the signs of bread and wine, but only in a spiritual sense.
      1. By the operation of the His Spirit Jesus imparts Himself to the consciousness of the believer who is exercising faith.
      2. In the sacrament we receive visible evidence of His perfect sacrifice which fully covered and completed earned salvation.
  3. The blessedness of spiritually partaking of Jesus Christ.
    1. The believer is a spiritually weary pilgrim when comes to the Table.
    2. There is blessing for every believer who obediently partakes.