Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Peter Blessing Those With Like Faith

Date: PM
Text: II Peter 1:1,2
Psalters: 132, 164, 21, 172
Series: Family Visitation 2014
  1. The like faith.
    1. Peter declares that the ones to whom he is writing have the same ?faith? which he and the other apostles have.
      1. This faith is the bond which unites the regenerated, called sinner to Christ, so they believe in Him and trust Him.
      2. It is ?like? faith because every believer is in relationship to Jesus the same way.
    2. This faith is ?of God and our Savior: Jesus Christ? (II Peter 1:1) and ?of God and of Jesus our Lord? (2).
      1. The heart of faith is that it holds that Jesus is the divine Person who is able to save from all our sin.
      2. As such this Jesus is Savior (the only Savior) and He is Judge who will reward and punish accordingly.
    3. This faith is obtained ?through the righteousness? of our God and Savior.
  2. This like faith is ?precious,? i.e., valuable, with great honor, beyond computation or price (I Peter 1:7,19; 2:4,6,7).
    1. Faith is precious because it is ours by ?obtaining? it, i.e., by divine allotment.
    2. Faith is precious because it is a gift from no one other than God Himself!
    3. Faith is precious because it is rare (I Sam. 3:1) and few find it (Matt. 7:13,14).
    4. Is your faith (and the gospel it embraces) precious to you?
  3. Peter declares that those with faith are blessed.
    1. Peter has this assurance of their blessedness because of his office.
      1. He is ?a servant? (slave) of Jesus.
      2. And he is ?an apostle? (one sent out by Jesus).
    2. The apostle blesses with a efficacious declaration (not a wish and certainly not an offer).
      1. ?Grace? is the unmerited and undeserved love of God Himself for guilty sinners.
      2. ?Peace? is the consciousness of being reconciled with God and at harmony with Him.
    3. These blessings are ours experientially in the way of our knowing God and Jesus our Lord.