Grace Protestant Reformed Church

He Gives His Angels Charge Over Thee

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 91:11
Psalters: 405, 65, 249, 345
  1. The fact.
    1. Angels are God-created spirits (Heb. 1:7) which did not fall into sin with Satan and who are at God’s command.
      1. Among their God-given callings is to “keep” (watch, guard, protect) God’s children: “ministering spirits” (Heb.1:14).
      2. That they bear us up in their hands (Psalm 91:12) indicates their strength, but especially their tender care as a nurse-maid.
    2. This psalm emphasizes the careful attention given to the preservation of salvation within each elect child of God.
      1. Within us is the life of Jesus, something so precious that it is guarded/protected from being destroyed by an evil power.
      2. We are kept spiritually alive, kept from the sin unto death, and from falling into the snares of the devil (Ps. 17:8; 25:20; 41:2).
  2. The honor.
    1. Consider the high privilege which is yours: God Himself concerns Himself about you.
    2. Consider the honor because this keeping is done by “His angels.”
    3. Each one of God’s children are personally protected: “thee.”
    4. God’s use of angels to protect His children is perpetual: “in ALL thy ways.”
    5. This great privilege is ours by Jesus Christ, for He is the ladder on whose rungs the angels go up and down (John 1:51).
  3. There are implied callings.
    1. Those who continually behold God’s face condescend to do such humble a deed as watching us sinners.
    2. How safe and happy ought we to be when we know that God’s angels take care of us, that we never need be afraid.
      1. Therefore resort to Him and to Him alone in every trouble; confide in no other refuge.
      2. In light of all the protection He promises, how ungrateful if we are not satisfied with such full promises!
    3. How holy ought we to be with such holy beings watching over us.