Grace Protestant Reformed Church

We Are God’s Workmanship

Date: PM
Text: Ephesians 2:10
Psalters: 350, 388, 310, 292
Series: Ephesians
  1. The work itself.
    1. God’s “workmanship” clearly implies that God is the “Workman.”
      1. “Workmanship” is more than a work, for it refers to the making or fashioning of a work in harmony with a purpose.
      2. This work continues during our lifetime, when God uses every circumstance to shape and mold us.
    2. God’s saving work is a creation – we are “created.”
      1. The first creation displayed divine power, and our re-creation manifests the power of God’s grace.
      2. We are a creation “in Christ Jesus” (cf. 1:3,4,7,11; 2:5,6,7).
    3. There is no more exalting description of salvation than to say that we are God’s workmanship.
  2. God workmanship is with the purpose of our doing “good works.”
    1. That we are God’s workmanship does not make us inactive, but makes us do good works.
      1. The “good works” are whatever is done out of faith, in love of God, and to His glory.
      2. We actively “walk” in the good works.
    2. Though our good works do not save us, nor add to Christ’s work, they are a real part of the salvation gifted to us.
      1. “Which God hath before ordained.”
      2. After every good work, we have to say that God set it before us to walk in it.
  3. Our text explains the previous two verses, i.e., why salvation is not of us, but is of God and the exceeding riches of His grace.
    1. This truth exalts us: we are God’s workmanship. Never stop thanking Him for it.
    2. Focus on gratitude by walking in faith and love and to His glory.