Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The Wise Man Builds His Life and Home

Date: PM
Text: Matthew 7:24-27
Psalters: 34, 294, 248, 20
  1. The figure.
    1. Jesus uses the figure of house construction which requires first a good foundation.
      1. First, the foundation determines the size and height of house.
      2. Second, a building must have a foundation, a solid base, to be solidly built.
    2. The figure refers to the life of those who hear and practice Jesus’ sayings.
      1. Note well that the foolish man is a professing Christian who even acknowledges that God is the sovereign “Lord.”
      2. The difference between them is that one strives to live out what he hears (always wanting to do what the Father wills) and the other forgets what he hears because he is busy doing what he wills instead (vs. 22 with James 1:23,24).
  2. The two builders are described by Jesus as one being wise and the other foolish.
    1. To build on the Rock is consciously to think, will, and speak out of faith.
    2. The foolish builder forgets what he hears, i.e., neglects it as he lives his life.
      1. He prays, attends worship, sings, and gives, but leaves it at the church door.
      2. Ultimately, he believes that he is worthy of heaven because of his works, what he has done for Jesus.
    3. The wise (practically wise) man, woman, young person and child hears and constantly strives to practice what he hears.
      1. He constantly seeks to live on the Rock of Christ.
      2. Wisdom seeks to have his whole life under the sway and sanctifying influence of Jesus Christ.
  3. In this life there are storms with strong winds and lightning which hit the buildings of our lives.
    1. In the figure the rain descends and the storms can rage, so our lives can have its problems, trials and temptations.
    2. The fool looks everywhere (especially his arm of flesh) but to the Lord for help.
    3. The wise man’s practicing Jesus’ sayings by preparing for bad weather (times) gives him foresight.