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Date Title Minister ▲ Scripture  
8/25/2013 PM Preserved by Jehovah's Great Faithfulness Sem. Ryan Barnhill Lamentations 3:22,23 Watch/Listen
12/29/2013 PM Moses Choosing to Suffer Affliction Sem. Ryan Barnhill Hebrews 11:24-26 Watch/Listen
1/15/2012 AM Christ the Head of the Church Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma Ephesians 1:22-23 Watch/Listen
8/19/2012 PM More Than Conquerors Prof. Ronald Cammenga Romans 8:37-39 Watch/Listen
11/25/2012 PM Ichabod: The Glory Is Departed Prof. Ronald Cammenga I Samuel 4:19-22 Watch/Listen
5/5/2013 PM Strange Speech Among the People of God Prof. Ronald Cammenga Nehemiah 13:23-27 Watch/Listen
5/26/2013 PM Refusing The King's Meat Prof. Ronald Cammenga Daniel 1:8-21 Watch/Listen
2/9/2014 AM Refreshment in the Valley of Baca Prof. Ronald Cammenga Psalm 84:6-7 Watch/Listen
8/4/2013 PM The Good Shepherd's Death For His Sheep Prof. Ronald Cammenga John 10:11 Watch/Listen
1/1/2014 AM Jabez Prof. Ronald Cammenga I Chronicles 4:9-10 Watch/Listen
1/19/2014 PM John's Leap of Joy Prof. Ronald Cammenga Luke 1:39-45 Watch/Listen
1/18/2009 AM The Breach Upon Uzzah Prof. Ronald Cammenga II Samuel 6:6-8 Watch/Listen
2/1/2009 PM The Fall of Moses Prof. Ronald Cammenga Numbers 20:1-13 Watch/Listen
8/2/2009 AM Chosen By Christ Prof. Ronald Cammenga John 15:16 Watch/Listen
8/23/2009 PM In the Fiery Furnace with the Son of God Prof. Ronald Cammenga Daniel 3 Watch/Listen
10/4/2009 PM David's Restoration Prof. Ronald Cammenga Psalm 32:3-5 Watch/Listen
10/18/2009 PM The Matter of Baal-Peor Prof. Ronald Cammenga Numbers 25 Watch/Listen
2/21/2010 PM Asa's Victory Over Zerah Prof. Ronald Cammenga II Chronicles 14:9-15 Watch/Listen
4/11/2010 AM O Wretched Man! Prof. Ronald Cammenga Romans 7:24,25 Watch/Listen
4/18/2010 PM These Men Have Been With Jesus! Prof. Ronald Cammenga Acts 4:13 Watch/Listen
8/22/2010 PM Deceived By the Gibeonites Prof. Ronald Cammenga Joshua 9 Watch/Listen
10/17/2010 PM A Warning Against Friendship With Unbelievers Prof. Ronald Cammenga Proverbs 1:10-19 Watch/Listen
1/2/2011 PM Praise in Prison Prof. Ronald Cammenga Acts 16:25 Watch/Listen
3/9/2011 PM A Warning Against Covetousness Prof. Ronald Cammenga Luke 12:13-21 Watch/Listen
10/30/2011 PM The Children Of Our Vows Prof. Ronald Cammenga Proverbs 31:1,2 Watch/Listen
3/13/2011 AM Not Hearers Only Sem. Nate Decker James 1:22-25 Watch/Listen
3/6/2011 AM A Prayer for a Thorough Cleansing Sem. Nate Decker Psalm 19:12 Watch/Listen
9/5/2010 PM The Divided Report of the Twelve Spies Sem. Nate Decker Numbers 13-14:10 Watch/Listen
10/18/2009 AM Earnestly Contending for the Faith Sem. Nate Decker Jude 3,4 Watch/Listen
2/21/2010 AM Jesus' Calling to Watch for His Return Sem. Nate Decker Matthew 25:1-13 Watch/Listen
12/20/2009 PM The Ruler in Israel from Bethlehem Ephratah Sem. Nate Decker Micah 4-5:7 Watch/Listen
8/30/2009 AM The Sign of World-Wide Kingdom Preaching Sem. Nate Decker Matthew 24:1-31 Watch/Listen
9/30/2012 AM Tempted of the Devil Rev. Nate Decker Matthew 4:1 Watch/Listen
8/5/2012 AM Content Everywhere And In All Things Prof. Robert Decker Philippians 4:11-13 Watch/Listen
8/5/2012 PM Serving One Another By Love Prof. Robert Decker Galatians 5:13-15 Watch/Listen
5/17/2009 PM A Poor Rich Man And A Rich Poor Man Prof. Robert Decker Luke 16:19-31 Watch/Listen
2/6/2011 PM Rejoicing in the Lord Prof. Robert Decker Philippians 4:4 Watch/Listen
12/26/2010 PM Simeon And The Christ Child Rev. Arie den Hartog Luke 2:25-32 Watch/Listen
8/4/2013 AM Our Savior’s Redemptive Work Rev. Arie den Hartog Titus 2:14 Watch/Listen
11/24/2013 PM The Great Good of Family Peace Prof. Russell Dykstra Proverbs 17:1 Watch/Listen
8/26/2012 PM Ordained Believers Prof. Russell Dykstra Acts 13:48b Watch/Listen
9/2/2012 PM The Spiritual Courage to Face Persecution Prof. Russell Dykstra Acts 21:12-14 Watch/Listen
10/28/2012 PM Commanded to Train Up Our Children Prof. Russell Dykstra Proverbs 22:6 Watch/Listen
2/24/2013 AM That Just Man Prof. Russell Dykstra Matthew 27:19,24 Watch/Listen
10/17/2010 AM No Respecter of Persons Prof. Russell Dykstra Acts 10 Watch/Listen
8/22/2010 AM Praying For Civil Rulers Prof. Russell Dykstra I Timothy 2:1-4 Watch/Listen
8/1/2010 AM Pure and Undefiled Religion Prof. Russell Dykstra James 1:27 Watch/Listen
2/27/2011 PM Covenant Children Schooled in Babylon Prof. Russell Dykstra Daniel 1:3-7 Watch/Listen
3/20/2011 PM Purposed Not to Defile Himself Prof. Russell Dykstra Daniel 1:8-21 Watch/Listen
4/17/2011 PM Believing the Prophet's Report Prof. Russell Dykstra Isaiah 53:1,2 Watch/Listen

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